Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Well it's been a busy month.

The tomatoes surely must be coming to an end soon, but every time one of us visits there are yet more red fruits demanding to be picked.

The courgette sized marrows are still going strong - in fact, I'm throwing out more than I'm using and we've been enjoying the sweetcorn for the last 3 weeks (I was beginning to wonder whether they would ever be ready).

Harvested a couple of butternut squashes earlier in the month. One larger than the other. We used the smaller one last week and upon preparing realised that it is way bigger than the supermarket ones - only used a quarter of it (for butternut squash risotto .. mmmm). Rest of it is lounging around the fridge like a teenager.

The onions are finally all harvested, cleaned up and in boxes for storing, along with the garlic and shallots. Still eating the Pentland Javelins and have harvested the first half of the Desiree ... desperately need to find somewhere to store it all before the weather turns.

My garlic, Purple Wight, arrived yesteday - yippee. Also managed to get some Japanese Onion sets (x 50), although not yet managed to find any shallots. Folks are visiting at the w/e so hopefully we'll get them planted, harvest the rest of the potatoes and the remaining squashes.

Pumpkins are a beautiful colour now and also need harvesting, although not quite sure how we'll manage that, or even what we'll do with them. Have an IKEA tape measure in my bag so I can measure them at the w/e.

Sadly the sunflowers didn't last long, but the heads are a fantastic size and the birds will be kept happy for a while.

Oooo - just thought of another job for folks visit - when I bought the seeds from Wyevale, I was given a voucher for some free daffodil bulbs, so they need planting too - Las Vegas & King Alfred (I think). Have three carrier bags full of gardening related magazines for them as a sweetener !

One of my winter projects is to make a cold frame. I've got my plan and now have some old windows, courtesy of Clare (my work colleague) and her mum - thanks xx

My other project is to make a compost bin. Yes, I know its easy and yes, I've got lots of pallets, but my problem is the infestation of bindweed that is currently lurking in said compost designated area. Oh, that's the other autumn / winter job - clearing and digging the remaining third of the plot. Oh, still got to dismantle, move and rebuild the greenhouse that I was promised earlier in the year and haven't built my leaf mold bin yet either .. Blimey, the list is never ending.

Its hard to believe I've had it for nearly a year now - still lovin' it!