Thursday, 24 December 2009

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas .... hope 2010 brings health & happiness for you and your family

... and of course a great growing season :)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Lost & Found

As if life wasn't difficult enough at the moment, we have now acquired what appears to be a lost cat. He spent Saturday wandering up and down the street peering into windows. One of our neighbours took him in and fed him (ravenous apparently) and I'm not quite sure how, but we have ended up with him. Unfortunately he is an entire male and the RSPCA confirmed he is not chipped. They are full due to the time of year, so we've put up posters. In the meantime our kitties are not very happy at all.

He is a beautiful boy, very very friendly and lovely nature. We'll check the local vet tomorrow to see if they recognise him ... in the meantime, if anyone from Sheffield recognises him let me know !

2009-12-19   Ginger + White cat, poss stray  004.jpg

2009-12-19   Ginger + White cat, poss stray  001.jpg

2009-12-19   Ginger + White cat, poss stray    016.jpg

Saturday, 19 December 2009

here is the new robotic leg:

2009-12-19   Robomeiche  005.jpg

Velcro Heaven

Went to fracture clinic on Friday - thank goodness Sheffield only got a light dusting of snow, it's terrifying on crutches - and am now on my third cast, so must be making some progress.

Had my lovely blue glittery cast removed and doctor has now given me a velcro 'walking cast' and I'm supposed to gradually start putting weight on it. I've been signed off until middle of January which was a bit of a shock.

This is me with my blue cast and Kinder with his blue bandage (he'd been for his chip 'n snip at the vet) ... OH thought it was very funny.

2009-12-10   Matching bandages  018.jpg

Got a lovely purple red mark on the inside of my foot and its surprising how much pain I get if I turn it in the wrong way. It's still pretty swollen. Took the cast off when I got home and had a bath - it was heaven :) Thank goodness those filthy toes have finally had a wash.