Sunday, 24 December 2006

I finished work on 12th December with the aim of spending loads of time up at the lottie, but in all that time I've managed one hour! Why's that you ask ? well, firstly there were presents to be bought, then they needed wrapping, delivery men to wait in for, then there was the visiting of family and friends - finally I get to the lottie yesterday.

Hurray I think, dashing into the brick greenhouse and emerging gleefully clutching my spade and rushing to the bottom of the plot to commence digging - only to find that the ground is FROZEN SOLID ... words failed me as I moped around balefully kicking leaves back onto the beds.

My broadbeans took ages to finally germinate, but I was pleased to see that they had all emerged - however, on closer inspection several of the young shoots have been trimmed at ground level and have a suspicious round hole (2-3" deep) next to them. At first I thought maybe a fox had walked across the bed, but the holes are only where the plants have been and they are very uniform in shape - seems like my little vole family may be the culprits.
Not sure if there is anything I can do to protect them, so will just have to hope that they leave me some.

My bed of garlic is looking really healthy and strong - the leaves are around 2" high now.
The bed next to it has my Japanese onions, which were planted at the same time, but in comparison are very small and weedy looking.
I'm hoping that they've managed to put on enough growth to get through the winter. They've probably not been helped by the seemingly never ending deluge of rain (where was it in the summer when we needed it) that has probably waterlogged the bed by now.

An hour later with feet and hands freezing I had to admit defeat and rush back to the warmth of the house.

Popping back up today to lift some leeks and parsnips and cut some herbs.

Will need to remember to put a marker on the parsnips as I noticed yesterday that the foliage has all but disappeared now.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2007.