Sunday, 22 April 2012

Been a while ....

Can you believe it, some scroats have nicked my bl**dy greenhouses :(  I was struggling to motivate myself anyway and this may have just tipped me over the edge. 

They appear to have come in through next door's very unsecure  manure / compost pile.  They've taken the greenhouse that blew down and also the new greenhouse that we dismantled ages ago and hid at the plot.  Feckers  :(  It's gotta be for scrap, as they've left all the glass.  Looks like they may have got some other bits and bobs too - can't find my new loppers.  What made it worse is that I'd just offered the new one to my lottie friends as it's too big for my plot (15'x10') and a couple were interested.

So disheartened and I should be really excited because look at my new toy - even that hasn't been enough to help me find the motivation to do my annual dig over Easter :(

Not quite sure what I think of it yet. I'm erring on the side of 'it might be easier to dig with a spade', but will persevere and develop my technique !  It came with some sad history, as it's previous owner, a family friend, has lost his sight and is therefore not able to use it anymore x

We are about to receive this years rent demand in a week or so, it's around £50 for my plot, but we've had notification for next year that it's going to double. So I've been thinking about whether my heart is still in it. I'm meeting a friend of a friend in the next week or so with a view to adding them as a co-worker ... and then perhaps next year I think I might give it up. But we'll see - a year is a long time. One of the other reasons for this decision is that we are trying to move (have been for a while!) and we've found a house with a lovely garden, so in theory, I wouldn't need the lottie anymore - we're about to enter the 'sealed bid' process which is very nerve racking (we did this last year on another property and lost, even though we bid £32,500 over the asking price !)

Anyway, my lucky co-worker hasn't even seen Duck Dinner Dash yet, but I've managed to secure him a greenhouse !  What a sweet little thing it is - it's already been dismantled (so you can stop spitting out your wine Rob) and is waiting for collection.

So a year of change coming up I think. The only benefit to the weather is that with all the recent frost, snow & hail it doesn't matter that I've not yet planted anything.  I did manage to buy some seeds over Easter - whether I get around to planting anything is a different matter LOL.

Had another work trip ... spent most of it at the airport, but we did manage a quick trip to the Eiffel Tower :)