Thursday, 28 May 2009

Give me just a little more time ...

just a very quick update - I've been very busy lately ! So busy in fact that my seedlings that I'd lovingly tended have practically died from lack of watering :(

I have had a few visits over the last month, in fact, some have lasted several nano-seconds ! I can't believe the changes that have taken place while I've been gone, its like an explosion happened.

Flickr is playing up, so I've only got a few photos for you - the strawberries in the greenhouse are developing nicely:


The ones outside are in full flower - I think its going to be as good as a season as last year:


My herbs are looking lovely - this is the green sage:


The flowers are starting to bloom:

Finally, lookey what I found in the greenhouse tonight, my first three ripe strawberries. They look delicious - OH has been away in New York for 2.5 weeks, so they would make a lovely welcome home present ...


and indeed the thought crossed my mind as I enjoyed them :)
ha ha
that'll teach you to go away :)