Monday, 26 February 2007

How very inconvenient ...

My list has been coming along nicely - slowly, but nicely. So all was going to plan when three weeks ago I had a very strange illness that ravaged my body over four days, mainly shivering accompanied by fever, very sensitive skin, no appetite, severe headache, aching aching joints, stomach pain, runny nose (just one day), chesty cough (the next day) and then just general feeling sorry for myself-ness. Never mind, I recovered, went back to work and reminded myself how I take my health for granted.

Strangely the stomach pain continued, but I had been ill so thought nothing of it and I had the weekend to look forward to. I'd made a deal with my OH that he would have a go at the greenhouse base that had defeated me the week before.

On Thursday the pain intensified and moved from the centre of my stomach to my right side. I just couldn't get comfortable when sitting or standing, and spent much of the day wondering whether I was suffering from indigestion, or maybe had the beginning of an ulcer. Finally hometime came - I could barely drive and sobbed in pain the whole way home - a bath, that's what I needed. Sprinkled in my Gucci bath dust (surely that would make me feel better) and tried to relax. No good, still couldn't get comfortable. Sleep - that's what I needed. Went to bed, but the pain was even worse in bed, tried to sleep, but the sobbing kept me awake. Finally got up and moved to the sofa. Frightened that OH would call an ambulance, I texted him to say I was feeling better ... and promptly threw up. Duly texted again 'I've thrown up' ...he set off for my house - a 45 minute drive at the best of times and it had been snowing for a while. It felt like it took him a lifetime to arrive, but finally he was there - he took one look and asked 'A&E ?' .. my breathy response 'yes'. Threw up again.

Arrived at A&E and seen by a young doctor (intern maybe as the nurses seemed to be training him) who quickly decided I had appendicitis. Now even in my rolling pain and breathlessness I recognised that word would mean an operation - desperate to avoid this and leave the hospital I suggested maybe I had trapped wind - the intern had an incredulous look on his face, but we managed to agree that 'maybe it was and we'd do some tests'. Hmmm, risk of operation fading, I had a series of tests and x-rays and was hooked up to a drip and drugged up.

Spent an uncomfortable night in the surgical assessment ward - seemed that every hour they were taking blood, checking blood pressure, hooking up another IV. The anaesthetist came to see me to explain that I'd be given a drug and then feel some pressure on my neck - I smiled at him through my drug haze and had no idea what he was talking about. I soon found out an hour later, when my surgeon arrived. Oh the horror - a real surgeon and he's talking to me about MY operation. I don't think I've ever been more frightened. Still desperate to avoid the op, and shaking with fear waiting on my bed outside the operating theatre doors I mentioned that I was feeling much better to my surgeon, who paled a couple of shades (apparently just before your appendix bursts you feel much better !) I had an uneventful laparoscopic appendectomy and spent four days in hospital recovering. Apparently the appendix was very nasty and very inflamed, but at least it hadn't burst.

So, I'm now on sick leave, recovering and my greenhouse base will have to wait I'm afraid ... I've not even managed to sow any seeds, its very frustrating and hugely inconvenient.