Sunday, 12 June 2011

After the rain ...

... comes the drought ! Areas of East Anglia are in drought, with parts of the Midlands, South West and South East in a "near-drought" state. With that in mind I took the opportunity yesterday to fill up my water butts ... no mean feat as half the brass taps were recently nicked from the site ! Just as I finished the heavens opened ... ah the irony :)

It's been my first chance to have a proper look at my veggies since the gales. Everything looks much better than I thought it would. My sweetcorn is a bit yellow, but otherwise it is growing well. Am beginning to have doubts about how closely I've planted it - oh well, too late now !

The borlottos are starting to grow again thank goodness ... just look at those weed seedlings that are sprouting :(

Where do weeds come from ... how come it's only ever my plot that's covered in weeds. I have spent most of the morning weeding my carrots ... it was touch and go for a while, but we made it :) Three varieties (I think - oh for labels haha).

I've started to dig up my garlic - I'm really pleased with them, the bulbs are huge ! Having dug them up - in the rain (what was I thinking), I need to dry them out ... only I knocked down my brick greenhouse. Doh. The first lot are in the glass greenhouse. I'd bring them home but they don't half pong !

My potatoes have just started to flower (note, no weeds :) )

This is Maris Piper. One of my roosters has also flowered - the rooster stems are purple !

My pea plan failed again darn it. Will need to hack my way in - there is a carpet path in the middle somewhere ! Wonder what everyone else does.

Here is my celariac ... now I thought that this was going to be a bulb vegetable, but now I'm confused as it smells just like celery. Must go and do some googling.

My last free bed has been given over to cauliflowers - 4 different varieties. I was drenched by the time I left the plot so I hope I don't regret not netting them !!! Do pigeons fly in the rain ? Let's say not :)

Bloomin' spinach has bolted and gone to flower, think the dry spell has been too much for it. Looks like it'll be headed for the compost heap shortly.

I took home some strawberries, florence fennel, mint (for pea & mint soup) and a lettuce donated by Linda next door.

Flipping ox eye daisies are EVERYWHERE !!! Have ripped up a huge armful and donated it to the compost heap, along with the comfrey plant that has collapsed with the wind & rain.

The plot is also full of foxgloves as usual - they are stunning as usual - dark pink, pale pink and white