Sunday, 10 January 2010

Planting the seed !

So January means it's seed ordering time :)

This year I've placed an order through my allotment society, who use King's seeds. Usually I go to Wyevales at the end of the season and buy tonnes of packets that I never use. This year I've had a think about what I actually like growing and eating (I know - revolutionary !) So this is what I've ordered:

Aubergine Moneymaker
Beetroot - Boltardy (x 6 packets)
Carrot - Autumn King (x 6 packets)
Carrot - Nairobi
Carrot - Sugarsnax
Cauliflower - All Round
Cauliflower - Violet Queen
Courgette - Zuccini
Gourd - Butternut
Gourd - Crown Prince
Gourd - Turks Turban
Gourd - Queensland Blue
Leek - Musselburgh
Parsnip - Tender & True
Spinach - Emilla
Sweetcorn - Early Extra Sweet
Sweetcorn - Tasty Gold
Tomato - Vanessa
Tomato - Roma
Beans - Barlotta Lingua Di Fucco
Peas - Alderman
Peas - Greenshaft

I've missed the garlic window I think, but will get some onion sets from the pet shop (no, I'm not mad) for March planting. I'll also get my potatoes from the same pet shop and since I found a recipe for pea jelly I'll probably find it difficult to resist buying more. Plus I love the luminous colour of the soup, it's amazing.

Of my permanent plants, I have globe artichokes, jerusalem artichokes, raspberries, strawberries & blueberries.

Hopefully my folks will grow some extra tomato plants (as I seem rubbish at managing to get them to germinate) ... hint hint mummy-dearest :)

I will no doubt cave in and get some broad beans, even though we are not mad on them and I'll definitely try to find those fabulous purple beans again. I'll probably also buy a pepper plant.

It's going to be a difficult season I think for me as I'm so far behind- I've booked Easter off as an allotment holiday (fortunately I get to carry over the week I had planned in December when I broke my foot). Once the snow disappears I'm planning to get my ass in gear and get started.

Foot is progressing very well - I'm now shuffling unaided - got final fracture clinic appointment on Friday, then expecting to be back at work fulltime. I've been quite busy with work while I've been off, so at least it won't be a baptism of fire. Going downstairs is still a bit tricky.

Can't wait to go dancing and get back to the lottie ... I've missed them so much.