Saturday, 28 November 2009

oh bugger !

Can't believe it, I've gone and factured my foot - my heel I believe - in two places. "oh and look there's a chip here too" the doc pronounced. Great !

We were decorating at the time - OH was painting bathroom ceiling and I was finishing off the wallpapering in the kitchen. I stepped off my chair and put my foot down to the floor and don't really know how it happened, but instead of going toe to heel, my foot went toe and then over, followed by my body. I think my frenzied screaming was more in shock at what I'd done ... how could my foot possibly still be attached after rolling so horribly - I could feel things snapping. It was horrible. I've never broken anything before, well a toe once, but toes don't count.

OH insisted that we went to A&E. I think he missed his calling, I could see him as Nurse Lawrence ... if only he could conquer his aversion to vomit and pooh, he'd be great. I hate going to A&E, you sit around for HOURS.

After hobbling into A&E (there are no available wheelchair !) and waiting for three hours to be assessed, they send me for X-rays:

Isn't it just sods law - I'd planned my remaining holidays in December so that I would be doing three day weeks and would have long weekends for my neglected lottie - but now I have a plastercast to just under my knee and am on crutches. I'm supposed to lie on the settee with my foot up ... for 6 weeks !

My boss is going to be so pleased when I call her on Monday :(