Monday, 29 June 2009

did some mention a heat wave ???

hmmmm, driving to work this morning in thick fog, with the heater on high blowing gently it sure wasn't in South or West Yorkshire.

I was only back from holiday for a day and a half and then we decided to go to Wales for the w/e ... dancing. So my poor lottie was neglected for yet another weekend ! We called in on the way home on Sunday evening and I nearly fell over with shock when I saw what's been happening whilst I've been gone.

The artichoke plants are now taller than me and absolutely covered in artichokes - there were none before I went away I'm sure !!!! I pulled my first garlic to have a little lookie - its the size of my palm, I'm very pleased :) The stems are still looking healthy and pretty green, so I'm going to leave them in situ for a while.

There were loads of strawberries and raspberries ... in fact, looks like the birds & slugs have had plenty too. I couldn't resist turning the first harvest into jam and having seen Rob's update on facebook - "spent several hours trying to get the strawberry jam to set and now it's burnt. Bugger" decided to boil it for a minimum amount of time. My jam has gone the other way and the fruit has risen to the top of the jar - darn it, but it looks gorgeous and I can't wait to try it. I found the fabulous Betty's scone recipe from an earlier post and am debating making some later ... my tongue is already hanging out !

The broad beans have appeared and the measly peas have developed a few pods. They joined the spinach, rocket and herbs in a green salad.

I finally got around to staking the tomatoes - what a state they are. I've been very remiss and allowed the side shoots to get totally out of hand - they are way too big to trim now, so I've staked everything, stripped the leaves and have my fingers crossed. I went to get some tomato feed today but Wilkinsons had sold out !! grief, don't they know when I'm thinking of making a purchase ! The marmande have already got biggish fruit on them.

The blueberry plants are covered in berries, I think another couple of weeks and they'll be ripe. Must find some recipes - apparently they are super foods.

The potatoes look like they are auditioning to become part of a jungle. One of my work colleagues' potato plants have died already, the haulms are yellow and have shrivelled - apparently his potatoes are tiny. Mine all look very green, but I shall be keeping a close eye on them.

Right, where's that scone recipe !

Sunday, 14 June 2009

A little progress

I have finally got my beans in. These are my french beans (on the long poles) and the ones at the front, I thought were canelloni beans, which don't grow very high, but now I'm actually wondering if they are Borlotti ... which would mean trouble ahead, oh well they'll have to stay like that for a week while I'm away on my hols.


These are my Jack Be Little:

Jenny's peas are flowering - I've taken the netting off and staked them. Hope the bloomin pigeons leave them alone. The peas from the greenhouse look dreadful. 2009 was obviously not meant to be a pea year for me - good job they were great last year I guess.
Jenny's peas

This year I seem to have loads of squashes, but no courgettes - I definitely sowed them. I know I've had a few univited guests in the greenhouse - the aubergine has almost been stripped too. These were donated to my by one of my work colleagues:

The beetroot is coming up quite well - some of the rows have gone a little random, but it has been very dry recently - despite the downpour that we had last week that resulted in some parts of Sheffield being totally flooded again.

Oh well thats it for a week or so - OH is now in charge, hope he remembers to water everything while I'm away.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

.. its full of stars ....

I wish, its actually full of weeds - the lottie that it. OMG, I can't believe how terribly overgrown its got, I'm officially embarrassed - I'll be getting a letter soon from the council to say 'dear Michelle ...' LOL

Got tonnes to do ... and I go on holiday on Wednesday for a week, oh dear, what to do. Have a beer maybe and do a bit of 'planning' :)

This little fella was sat quietly watching today's to-ing and fro-ings. He seemed a bit poorly - I don't think they live very long:




Sunday, 7 June 2009

Allotment Committee

Well I made it to my first official Committee Meeting today and got my first job - designing posters to go on our gates for the forthcoming Heeley Festival.

We'll have a stall and will be selling plants, giving advice and swapping stories - call in and see us if you are in the area ... err, not that I'll be there to say hi, cos I'll be on holiday ... doh ! its all in the timing.

Here's my poster, what do you think:

If you are local and have any spare plants or seedlings, we'd be very happy to take them off your hands.

Please keep your fingers crossed for sunshine :)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

All aboard

for a quick tour .... June already ! gulp.

Here are my red cabbages, I'm a bit worried that they are a bit leggy, I can't see a heart developing and even though they have been netted, they had flipping caterpillars wriggling all over them. I also managed to snap one of them taking the netting off - doh !!
red cabbage

The Kohl Rabi have been munched even more than the cabbages:
Kohl Rabi

Here are my peas that I lovingly sowed into trays in the greenhouse and then wantenly ignored until they went cripsy !!! They are slowly recovering - in fact, I've been surprised at how well they've picked up. Must treat them to some seaweed at the weekend:

These are my white onions. They look much better than any others I've grown so far. I think maybe I've finally cracked it (note to self, remember to push them under the soil when you sow them). My red ones are also growing well, but I suspect a couple of them at about to send up flowers:

Here is what is left of my cauliflowers, despite being netted, looks like the dratted flying rats have had a feast. Hmm, not sure if they'll recover, they look pretty much munched now:

I've given up on my peppers appearing and bought a nice plant from Wilkinsons instead. It is now planted in the greenhouse border:

I also bought a nice little aubergine plant ... I know, I know, but maybe this is the year ???

The first of my Aaron Pilots are in flower:
aaron pilots

Here is my Germidor and Christo Garlic. Both are looking good - must give them a nice long drink at the weekend, the soil is like dust.


Here is my Rocket:

and spinach - which also looks munched. The salad leaves have totally disappeared, so I'll need to resow those at the weekend.

The flag iris are always beautiful:

and the big greenhouse strawberry is ripening up nicely ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm:

Monday, 1 June 2009

second time lucky ...

Yikes, this is the old rye bed - now a meadow ! It does look pretty tho doesn't it :)


Only the carrots in the tub have survived. I'm going to resow in the main bed:

my broadbeans are flowering nicely:

Hurray, defo got apples appearing:

The raspberries are flowering:

The blueberry bushes are going to be very productive I think this year - may even be worth netting them (yeah right, like I'm gonna do that)



Of course something never change and are as reliable as clockwork:

Nick's plot is amost fluorescent with buttercups, I just have a few in comparison.

Phacelia is popping up all over the strawberry bed:

My stolen comfrey is making itself comfortable.