Monday, 29 June 2009

did some mention a heat wave ???

hmmmm, driving to work this morning in thick fog, with the heater on high blowing gently it sure wasn't in South or West Yorkshire.

I was only back from holiday for a day and a half and then we decided to go to Wales for the w/e ... dancing. So my poor lottie was neglected for yet another weekend ! We called in on the way home on Sunday evening and I nearly fell over with shock when I saw what's been happening whilst I've been gone.

The artichoke plants are now taller than me and absolutely covered in artichokes - there were none before I went away I'm sure !!!! I pulled my first garlic to have a little lookie - its the size of my palm, I'm very pleased :) The stems are still looking healthy and pretty green, so I'm going to leave them in situ for a while.

There were loads of strawberries and raspberries ... in fact, looks like the birds & slugs have had plenty too. I couldn't resist turning the first harvest into jam and having seen Rob's update on facebook - "spent several hours trying to get the strawberry jam to set and now it's burnt. Bugger" decided to boil it for a minimum amount of time. My jam has gone the other way and the fruit has risen to the top of the jar - darn it, but it looks gorgeous and I can't wait to try it. I found the fabulous Betty's scone recipe from an earlier post and am debating making some later ... my tongue is already hanging out !

The broad beans have appeared and the measly peas have developed a few pods. They joined the spinach, rocket and herbs in a green salad.

I finally got around to staking the tomatoes - what a state they are. I've been very remiss and allowed the side shoots to get totally out of hand - they are way too big to trim now, so I've staked everything, stripped the leaves and have my fingers crossed. I went to get some tomato feed today but Wilkinsons had sold out !! grief, don't they know when I'm thinking of making a purchase ! The marmande have already got biggish fruit on them.

The blueberry plants are covered in berries, I think another couple of weeks and they'll be ripe. Must find some recipes - apparently they are super foods.

The potatoes look like they are auditioning to become part of a jungle. One of my work colleagues' potato plants have died already, the haulms are yellow and have shrivelled - apparently his potatoes are tiny. Mine all look very green, but I shall be keeping a close eye on them.

Right, where's that scone recipe !