Sunday, 14 June 2009

A little progress

I have finally got my beans in. These are my french beans (on the long poles) and the ones at the front, I thought were canelloni beans, which don't grow very high, but now I'm actually wondering if they are Borlotti ... which would mean trouble ahead, oh well they'll have to stay like that for a week while I'm away on my hols.


These are my Jack Be Little:

Jenny's peas are flowering - I've taken the netting off and staked them. Hope the bloomin pigeons leave them alone. The peas from the greenhouse look dreadful. 2009 was obviously not meant to be a pea year for me - good job they were great last year I guess.
Jenny's peas

This year I seem to have loads of squashes, but no courgettes - I definitely sowed them. I know I've had a few univited guests in the greenhouse - the aubergine has almost been stripped too. These were donated to my by one of my work colleagues:

The beetroot is coming up quite well - some of the rows have gone a little random, but it has been very dry recently - despite the downpour that we had last week that resulted in some parts of Sheffield being totally flooded again.

Oh well thats it for a week or so - OH is now in charge, hope he remembers to water everything while I'm away.


  1. It's not too late to sow another crop of courgettes! I always sow a second lot so that when my first harvest is coming to an end and getting powdery mildew - there is a second plant just coming along.

  2. On the evidence of Monday's thunderstorm and today's downpour OH will be having an easy life!!