Wednesday, 3 June 2009

All aboard

for a quick tour .... June already ! gulp.

Here are my red cabbages, I'm a bit worried that they are a bit leggy, I can't see a heart developing and even though they have been netted, they had flipping caterpillars wriggling all over them. I also managed to snap one of them taking the netting off - doh !!
red cabbage

The Kohl Rabi have been munched even more than the cabbages:
Kohl Rabi

Here are my peas that I lovingly sowed into trays in the greenhouse and then wantenly ignored until they went cripsy !!! They are slowly recovering - in fact, I've been surprised at how well they've picked up. Must treat them to some seaweed at the weekend:

These are my white onions. They look much better than any others I've grown so far. I think maybe I've finally cracked it (note to self, remember to push them under the soil when you sow them). My red ones are also growing well, but I suspect a couple of them at about to send up flowers:

Here is what is left of my cauliflowers, despite being netted, looks like the dratted flying rats have had a feast. Hmm, not sure if they'll recover, they look pretty much munched now:

I've given up on my peppers appearing and bought a nice plant from Wilkinsons instead. It is now planted in the greenhouse border:

I also bought a nice little aubergine plant ... I know, I know, but maybe this is the year ???

The first of my Aaron Pilots are in flower:
aaron pilots

Here is my Germidor and Christo Garlic. Both are looking good - must give them a nice long drink at the weekend, the soil is like dust.


Here is my Rocket:

and spinach - which also looks munched. The salad leaves have totally disappeared, so I'll need to resow those at the weekend.

The flag iris are always beautiful:

and the big greenhouse strawberry is ripening up nicely ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm: