Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Its a dirty job ...

Finally managed to get a delivery date from the manure man, funnily enough it just happens to coincide with a visit by my folks this w/e - have promised them a day out with lots of fresh air ! hee hee

Just need to convince OH that helping to shovel manure is more fun than a w/e dancing in London ...

Despite snow on the ground, decided to sow broad beans, globe artichokes, lavender and sweet peas at the w/e. They are sitting in the potting shed on a nice polystyrene base which should keep them toasty.

Potatoes are chitting nicely, planning to plant in April. Still no sign of shallots yet - have resisted urge to dig one up (just to see), but garlic is looking good.

Watched Ken's 'Growing vegetables with Joe' video - very, erm, interesting. He likes his 'blooming mavellous' (sheep's manure to you and me).


  1. you have mentioned getting manure delivered? i was wondering where or who you got manure delivered from i havn't been able to find anyone who delivers!

  2. Hi Linda, check the local allotment gates - there are usually one or two notices advertising manure deliveries. Mine cost £25 for a tractor trailor. I had to wait a few months to get deliver at the w/e, but it was worth it.