Saturday, 3 March 2007

... and tonight's entertainment

... is becoming a crime statistic.

Sat in the back room at 11.45pm tonight with the curtains closed, TV and lights on, when I hear a noise like someone trying to scrape the putty out of the window frame. Thinking perhaps its one of our friends I opened the curtain. No one there ... toyed with the idea of opening the door, but decided to watch a bit longer out of the window. Haunched figure runs past and down the alleyway .... am speechless. Called OH and we spotted the same person going in other alleyways. OH called the police who arrived within minutes and apprehended the person in the next street to us. Just spent the last 2 hours giving statements - they managed to get into one house and broke several other windows.

Police reckon it is drugs motivated (ie, obtaining things they can sell to fund drugs). Brazen as anything and sauntering up the street.

OH got a photo of the person's wet footprints in our alleyway !!

Cor, the excitment.