Monday, 3 September 2007


Over the last few weeks I've made loads of jam; Blackberry & Apple, Blackberry Jelly and Plum Jam.

After I'd eaten a couple I ended up with 1.8kg of Czar plums - just enough for jam.

plums copy

Here are the fruits of my labours, I made 2 small jars, 4 medium jars and one huge jar

PlumJam copy

I'm not sure whether the plum jam will actually set - it seemed as if it was about to burn in the pan so I thought it best to take it off the heat. The blackberry jam and jelly seemed to behave much better at boiling point. I probably need to invest in a proper preserving pan. After searching for months for a jam funnel, I forgot I owned it and managed to burn my hand ladelling the hot liquid jam into jars ... doh !

PlumJam2 copy

Here is the Blackberry & Apple Jelly - I opened my first jar last weekend and it tastes divine ! I don't think it will last very long. If I can find some more jars and waxed discs etc then I shall try and make some more before the blackberries disappear.

Blackberry Jelly copy