Sunday, 25 November 2007

Today I decided to harvest the sweet potatoes from the brick greenhouse. Some of the foliage was just beginning to go over, but in honesty I wanted to move them so I could start to empty the cucumber bed. After the dismal crop from the outdoor plants I really didn't think it could get any worse, but I was wrong ! Just a couple of measly swollen tubers, not even finger thickness. I have learnt my lesson - I think it was a combination of too many, in too small a space. They will definitely be outside next year - but in a better position. I think I shall use a supermarket tuber to start my slips next year, I'll probably buy it in the next couple of weeks and start it off on a sunny windowsill.

As I got halfway through removing the cucumbers, I realised I'd disturbed a huge wasp, which had obviously decided to hibernate beneath the plastic, which lines the brick bed. It was 2-3 times the size of normal wasps. As it was starting to come to, I decided to go and clear the glass greenhouse and leave it in peace.

I took up the tomato plants and french marigolds and then dug over the beds. OH has been complaining that he can't get his feet sideways onto the path, so I straighted the boards to make a bit more space.

greenhouse copy

The left hand bed still has salad leaves in it, although they are huge now and have started to go to seed. I have no idea what the leaves are, but next door assures me I should have eaten them when they were about one inch high, vs their now one foot collosal size !

salad in flower copy

red salad copy

I also have this rather delicate and lovely plant, which I THINK is fennel. It looks lovely and I've seen bulbs in the shop, but don't know anything about harvesting it or eating it, so will need to go and do some research on t'internet. I must remember to water it next time I go though, otherwise it'll be a dead fennel plant :(

fennel copy

My cauliflowers, which have been very neglected since they were potted up, are now beautiful little plants. I couldn't bring myself to plant them outside, so have planted them up in the newly vacated bed. I'm hoping they'll be ready long before I need the space next year - we'll soon see.

Cauliflowers copy

But lookey here - where there's a lovely young, healthy plant, there's always something eyeing it up. This little fella did his best to hide, but fortunately his lovely green coat postively glowed against the brown compost. I hope he didn't have any friends.

caterpillar copy

The last job of the day was to dig some potatoes up. I've still got Cara and Charlotte's in the ground. We've got plenty of Cara at home, so I lifted a few Charlottes. They actually look very good and don't appear to have any critter damage at all. There is another half row to go and then two full rows of Cara.

For tea, we had brie & potato (Cara) bake, with roasted pumpkin. OH has decided he doesn't like roasted pumpkin, so the rest of it will be made into coconut, pumkin & chili soup.