Thursday, 21 August 2008

Ooops, I did it again ....

I accidentally drove the car 10 miles out of my way to Wyevale's Garden Centre and bought 43 packets of seeds in their fabulous .50p sale ! If I'd paid the full price, the total would have been £88.00 !! Instead I paid £21.50 LOL ... here they are:

Top of the list ... Cat Grass ! of course
Broadbeans Aquadulce Claudia x 2
Beetroot Da Orto Paonazza D’Egitto
Beetroot Detroit 2 (organic) x 2
Beetroot Boltardy
Cabbage Red Drumhead
Carrots Early Nantes 5
Carrot Purple Haze F1 Hybrid
Cauliflower All Year Round
Cauliflower Romanesco Early
Climbing Bean Blauhilde
Climbing French Bean Blue Lake
Courgette Nano Verde Di Milano
Cucumber Marketmore
Mixed salad
Okra Clemson’s spineless
Onion Bedfordshire Champion
Onion Red Baron
Parsnip Tender & True
Pea Kelvedon Wonder x 2
Pea Early Onward
Pea Hurst Greenshaft
Pea Meteor x 2 (winter sowing !)
Pepper Gypsy
Salad Leaves Saladisi
Salad Onions Blanca De Liscoa
Sunflowers: Tall Single / Irish Eyes / Autumn Beauty / Paquito / Teddy Bear
Squash Winter Festival F1 Hybrid
Squash Avalon F1 Hybrid
Spinach Bordeaux
Sweetcorn Early Xtra Sweet F1 Hybrid x 2
Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Sweet Peas White Ensign / Noel Sutton / Air Warden / Mrs R Bolton / Beaujolais
Sweet Peas Chatsworth / Mollie Rilestone / Lilac Ripple / Royal Wedding / Percy Thrower
Tomato Golden Sunrise
Tomato Tigrella
Tomato Costoluto Genovese

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