Thursday, 13 August 2009

well I've just about lost all of my tomatoes to blight. They are in the glass greenhouse and its been so cold that I've kept my door shut for the last month - I'm wondering if the soil is infected. I desperately need to find a recipe for green tomatoes before they all succumb to it.

I'm having a pretty poor season overall, my lack of attention over winter and spring is showing sadly. Then of course there are the slugs ... apparently the slug population has trippled. I can verify that FACT ... well certainly on my lottie anyway. And what the slugs have missed, the pigeons and the caterpillars have finished off. What they missed the wind got - two of my artichokes have been devastated, I hope they recover.

Of course way before any of them got a look in, the mice ate 8 packets of peas and the pigeons finished off the two rows of peas that I managed to get past the mice.

Chris Evan's will be playing 'always look on the bright side of life' shortly, you just wait.

I think my best plan is to write off this season and then in the autumn get a trailor of manure delivered and cover the lottie with it.

Even the blackberries are poor this year - I've just finished making blackberry & apple (seedless) jam. Hmmm, what's the betting it doesn't set.

At least my raspberries and blueberries have been brilliant - my silver lining :)


  1. dont worry about the peas. the pea moth would almost certainly of had them :) i think a lot of people have had a bad year on my plot too. All of my potatos have disappeared. Helms and all. I suppose i should be glad that its overrun with frogs, which of course means very few slugs.

  2. My tomatoes have gone with the blight too; first time I've ever had that happen. But I've had a great year for blackberries. I've been picking in industrial quantities for over a month now and they're only now easing up. But I think it's becasue this this the first time the plants have been "really up for it". That sounds daft I know but it's the first year they've been really strong and healthy. It's a lifecycle thing and I'm hoping the raspberries will take off the same way next year.

  3. Well, I still have my tomato plants, they're just crap - picked the first one yesterday and there are no others showing any signs of being ready any time soon.

    I have had a fair few peas though - first time ever I've managed to get about 50% of them. I'm with you about covering the plot in manure though, I've just cleared a space to put the manure in now just to find the time to get it delievered...

  4. Every year is different, something fails and something is a brilliant success. I thought we were going to have a hot Summer so I planted more exotic stuff which hasn't done so well. Oh dear.. there's always next year.