Saturday, 31 October 2009

One good turn deserves another !

When I offered mine and OH's services to help a fellow allotmenter dismantle a greenhouse he'd been lucky enough to secure, little did I know that just a couple of weeks later, he'd be returning the favour for me !!!

We saw the greenhouse offered last week and OH went to check it out - 15ft x 9ft. I didn't appreciate quite how big it was until we arrived this morning - it's huge :)

2009-10-31   Demolishing Grenhouse  002.jpg

It was a dream to dismantle and instead of the usual 'w' clips it had 'spring glazing clips' holding the glass in. They seem a little more robust than the other types and are stainless steel (so I presume won't rust).

2009-10-31   Demolishing Grenhouse  003.jpg

We've taken the first lot of glass up to to the lottie without incident and will go back tomorrow for most of the frame and the rest of the glass. Our only slight issue is how to transport the very long sections - there's not much, but we may have to hire a van ... alternatively the lottie is about 3 miles away and there was a discussion about perhaps walking them there. Hmmm ...

2009-10-31   Demolishing Grenhouse  065.jpg

So that was the easy bit .... now we have the hard work to come.

We knocked down the potting shed in the Spring (was it really that long ago !) and I hadn't got further than making plans for a replacement one - the main issue has been sourcing decent and lengthy pieces of wood. The new greenhouse is big enough to replace both the potting shed and the brick greenhouse ... which is fortunate as the brick greenhouse is in need of some serious repair and I really don't think it is going to make it through the winter. So we'll have to empty all the crap ... err, useful 'stuff' out and then carefully take down the roof - it has a huge metal girder which is currently supported on rotten roof supports and then we'll need to knock down the brick base.

Gawd, I hope it fits when we've finished pratting about. Thank you to Lynne & her mum for my lovely new greenhouse and big thanks to Rob, from a plot too far for helping us :)

We are now shattered and celebrating Halloween very quietly - here is my pumpkin (Tesco's finest, although the 'jack be little' was grown by me) that I carved last night, it's awesome (LOL, yes I do say so myself haha). Our 'trick or treaters' have been very impressed although it's taken the kitten a little while to overcome his fear of the beastie:

2009-10-30   Pumkin Madness  048-500px400px.jpg

2009-10-30   Pumkin Madness  052-500px400px.jpg

oh actually, that reminds me ... I don't think you've met our new addition yet ... introducing Kinder (as in Scout, a local mountain ... because he likes to sit on your shoulders):

2009-10-23   Kinder in Window  003.jpg

Loki loves him and spends all day playing, chasing and hunting, then he curls up with Ianto to sleep, he is just the sweetest thing:

2009-10-26   3 cats fight over Meiche's legs  058-500px400px.jpg