Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween !

I've found a use for one of my Queensland Blue's ! It smelt amazing when I was carving it - looking forward to tasting it. This week we've had pumpkin (squash actually), pine nut & feta cannelloni, butternut squash risotto, squash lasagne and I think tomorrow I'm going to make pumpkin cake out of my carrot cake recipe :-p


I barely see Nick next door and yet he has somehow managed to get his winter beds ready. He planted his garlic and onions last week.


Here's my lottie looking grey and dismal. I've started digging over my beds in preparation for manuring them next month (hahah). I cleared my greenhouse this afternoon and pulled up my tomato plants - the final handful are now ripening on the windowsill. The greenhouse has loads of bindweed roots :(


I sowed my broadbeans this afternoon. When I've sown them previously I've sown them direct in the bed, but I've lost packets and packets to the meeces, so I decided to sow them into pots and put them in the greenhouse. This may turn out to be a bad idea as the greenhouse's winter resident moved in a few weeks ago and helped himself to the buckwheat that I've lovingly grown through the summer and been patiently drying the seeds for storage. Ho hum, will have to wait and see what happens.


Made a bit more progress on my demolition - crikey it's taking me ages ... can't see me getting the new greenhouse up before Christmas :(


Here are my red onions - looking good ! I have high hopes :)


Street Force supplied lots of community groups across Sheffield with free spring bulbs to brighten the city up. Our Allotment Association were given 1,000 daffodils and 2,000 crocuses .... seemed like a good idea at the time. Half of them are now loitering in my greenouse - planted about 100 of each today outside the plots on my row and barely dented the bags LOL.


Must get them in soon as they are already waking up.


My flag iris have really outgrown their pot, so I'll be splitting them over the winter:


Found this delicate little thing next to my leeks - no idea what it is, but it's very pretty.


Did you meet our newest arrival yet ? Here's Feargal ... we are currently fostering her. She's not had the best start to life and is pretty terrified of humans (her mum & two siblings drowned after they were all thrown into the canal) so we agreed to foster her for a while and try and socialise her.

2010-10-10   Loki & Feargal on sofa  032-450px

She is making huge progress and adores Loki x

2010-10-10   Loki & Feargal on sofa  030-450px


  1. What about popping a fine wire netting sort of cage over your pots of beans?

  2. Just planted broad beans direct, hope the mice stay away!