Monday, 23 July 2012

Exciting News !!!

It was Open Allotment Day on Sunday :)

The site is a quarter of the size of my old one and seems much better cared for. Hedges are generally much lower and under control and we only saw a couple of plots that looked abandoned down towards the woods.

One lady had a nectarine tree growing in her greenhouse - it smelt delicious ... apparently she discovered that a stone had started to sprout in the compost heap, so she planted it and three years later it has loads of fruit !

Beautiful sweetcorn - apparently they don't like wind (it is tremendously windy at my new house) so they are growing in a shelter.  I didn't know that !

This chap had green fingers and then some. He loves cacti and succulents and has very impressive displays. OH had a little drool :)

The day before I was invited to have a look around the plot that adjoins my neighbours garden. The tour went well and I've been invited to become co-owner with a view to perhaps taking over when (if !!) I get to the top of the waiting list. The plot is fanstastic - about 10 fruit trees, greenhouses, summer house, proper raised beds, compost heap the size of a bus and lots of chipped paths. I am luckier than lucky at the moment ... you'll see me in the lottery queue on Friday :