Saturday, 15 June 2013

Mid-way !

Oooo I think it is going to be a very very good year for fruit - look at the apples.  The branches are laden - hope they can support the weight later in the year.  I might have to talk to Vic about a cider press !

I'm rather surprised that my climbing french beans haven't been nibbled at all ... yet.  They are under the brambly apple tree, so I have my fingers crossed that they can grow big enough before there is too much shade.

Vic has done a magnificent job with the butterfly proof cauliflower netting... so far no sign of caterpillars :)

It is interesting how the different varieties of cauliflowers are growing at different rates - the green & purple ones are much bigger than the white ones.   I can't wait for the curds to start to develop to see how different they are.

The autumn planted onions are starting to thicken - but they are still very small.  Hmmm mid-June, guess there is still time if we have some steady sunshine

After killing 4 cucumbers, I didn't hold out much hope for the remaining two and other than plonking them into the soil, I've kept well away from them.  Imagine my delight today when I saw three baby cucumbers forming - hope I've not jinxed them

The lettuce is looking good, but some of it has gone to seed already



The coriander is growing well - I've got two varieties ... 'normal' and

 'lemon' coriander.

The beans continue to flower

but something is helping itself to the beans grrrr ... I think the culprit is probably a slug or snail. The plants look good, other than the beans being stripped :/

I'm disappointed with the beetroots this year - we don't seem to have very many yet

Look what OH has managed to grow - a ginormous mushroom!  We bought  a kit a while ago - but this is all that has appeared so far

The turks turbans have got tiny fruits forming - I think I might get a paint brush and help mother nature's germination just in case.  I've had very poor germination this year, I'm not sure why - I've not got any sweetcorn this year as 95, that's right 95 kernels didn't germinate.  I tried three different brands, sown at different times in different conditions - the sweetcorn was my biggest failure

The first courgettes are appearing !  This is Goldena

and this is greenbush.  The leaves and plants are still very small, but it looks as though the fruit will be plentiful

More courgettes ... I've planted 11 plants - eeek !!!

Here is the 2nd batch of peas - they look awesome.  So far the pigeons haven't found them - mainly due to them being under the magpie's nest perhaps ?  I've found some pea sticks, but the peas are growing so quickly I can barely see the twigs anymore ... might have to think of plan b soon

The Borlottos are still very small, but at least they appear to be in one piece

It is so lovely to see bees back - we've counted about 5 varieties so far

We have lots of strawberries appearing - I need to try and get some straw to keep the fruit off the soil - I hope that doesn't encourage slugs & snails - we have more than enough of them :/

I think these are blackcurrants - I found them buried in the raspberries

The raspberries are forming

We have lots of alpine strawberry plants - they are so pretty I've started to edge the beds in them ... pretty and productive

They are dripping in fruit - another week and I think there will be an abundance of delicious fruits

Here are Vic's gooseberries - bleeeuuuurrrrggghhhh

think this is the Damson tree - it looks very plentiful compared to last year

Here are the pears

I think this is a special variety of bramble - it is very early flowering

I think this is the plum truee

Vic's grapes

more apples

Vic's nectarines continue to look good


I caught another naughty cat fishing in the pond today - this is cat no. 1.  He hasn't got any teeth, so hopefully the froggies & newts will be safe from him.