Sunday, 11 May 2014

Busy, busy, busy !

The comfrey had its first cut of the season - amazed how much it had grown.

The tomato greenhouse has gradually been warming up since it was fixed, so today I put the tomato pots in place today and filled them with compost.  The only plant big enough to pot in place at the moment is my Sweet Million.  In the salad greenhouse I am growing on:  Gardeners Delight, Sungold, Alicante & Ailsa Craig

The squashes are doing really well with the exception of my one and only Uchiki Kuri, which has something strange happening on some of it's leaves, I think leaf curl, but can't see any sign of pests.  I've moved it to the tomato greenhouse and will keep my eye on it.  Hope it pulls through.

In the main plot I've sown beetroot and carrots.  I've alternated the carrots with onions and have my fingers crossed that the carrots will be protected from carrot fly :)  I also made the decision to plant out my courgettes ... am already regretting it :/

I'm thinking of planting out my beans next weekend if the wind finally drops and the rain eases.

My second sowing of sweetcorn appears to have failed (only two have germinated) and I had an accident with one of the cucumbers earlier ... I dropped something on it and the stem bent, so I'll have to wait and see if it recovers !!

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