Saturday, 28 January 2006

Frosty Days

so keen to get on with digging (time is flying by alarmingly now) that leapt out of bed on Saturday (sleep is over-rated .. yeah) not realising just how cold it was. Went via supermarket to get goodies to last me through my demanding digging only to arrive at frost covered lottie :-( ground too hard to dig and didn't want to go home in defeat so decided to attack hedge instead. Took ages, especially as lottie next to mine is not worked and hedge has gone bananas on that side. Gave up in the end when I realised that I had 3 mega piles of rubbish and decided to have a fire instead (the lady 2 lotties away from me had a really good one going for hours) ... half box of firelighters and one box of matches later finally admitted defeat - am seriously considering OH's suggestion of dousing everything with parrafin or petrol ... am rubbish at getting fire going.

Was seriously worried about my garlic after reading posts on a lottie forum where peeps are posting amazing photos of garlic shooting away, especially when they appeared to have planted them at the same time as me, so decided to dig some up, just to take a peek and make sure they've not been eaten ... GOOD NEWS !! They're still there and on very close inspection found 4 shoots - was extremely excited and did a little jig. Hopefully shallots will appear soon too.

Old Ken popped round to ask 'know 'owt 'bout growing then?' He didn't seem that impressed with my CV (mainly flowers/shrubs and a few potted vegetables) so has decided to lend me his 'how to grow vegetables' video .. so sweet, have got lovely neighbours.

Got my main crop potatoes this week. Managed to find Desiree, so will begin chitting them later - especially now that I've discovered a use for the 17 blue trays that I found dotted around the lottie.

Am causing a stir at work with my origami pots, have a decent sized pile now steadily growing across the desk intriging my colleagues, although may have to move them soon as boss returned on Monday and didn't seem impressed with my creative flair ... tossed them around a bit and asked why they weren't on the lottie ... couldn't think of witty response ...but I will, I will.


  1. I like your blog a lot. I used to work on a landscaping crew (I've had a lot of odd jobs) that left me with a fondness for planting and growing just about anything I can get my greedy hands on. Right now, however, I live in an apartment and only have plants (no veggies) and herbs growing on my balcony. I envy you growing your own food. That is one of my dreams some day in the future. What is a lottie?

  2. Hi JA, a lottie is an Allotment ... its an affectionate term ! Glad you liked the blog, I'm having a lot of fun.

  3. Hi MC55 - I really enjoyed reading your blog - nice to know there's another 'lottie learner' out there!!