Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Shallots !

After a couple of abortive visits over the festive period, the snow finally cleared and the ground dried up enough for me to do some more digging - after 3 hours on hands and knees removing weeds, was disappointed to see that the pumpkin patch really doesn't look any bigger - cheered myself with the thought of the bonfire I will have with the barrow full of weeds.

Got fabulous trugs from OH for Christmas and great books from family and friends, so feeling much more prepared. Desperate to use wonderful trugs and even thinking of taking to supermarket, so can smugly transport veggies home in style, until have some of my own to fill with.

Planted some shallots based on stepdad's advice to plant on shortest day and harvest on longest .. shallots don't need to know that I was a week late planting. Unfortunately couldn't get any from garden centre (still in full Christmas mode) so had to make do with Tesco's finest ... will hopefully be more organised next year.

Bought some seed cells and trays today, in anticipation of Spring !

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