Saturday, 6 May 2006

Summer's Here ...

Planted out my peas and sweetcorn today. Only have 20 peas ... did some investigating and the other 20 pots no longer have any peas in them !!! Those naughty mices ... have sown some more today and put under cover. Potted up my aubergines, but my peppers and okra have suffered from the increase in the temperature and being in the propagator too long. Have resown - no sign yet of my tomatoes. Sowed some parador (?) courgettes (yellow) and black beauty (green).

Here are my pumpkins, Carabocha:

and Big Max:

Started making a seating area last week - am hoping that the sweetpeas will provide some protection from the sun - its been unbelievably hot up there today. I've collected all the bricks together and plan to make a herb garden in front of the bench (Basil is just popping through in the potting shed)