Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Spent Sunday making bed 6 and a teepee for my sweetpeas - although I think I'll go and check out the arches in Home Bargains, as they sound like, erm, a bargain.

Planted out my globe artichokes into their permanent places and repoked my onions back into their warm beds after they'd been plucked out by the pesky birds ... gave up on the netting after it threatened to engulf me mummy-style !

Beans have been munched slightly, looks like slugs, so I'll sow some more in a couple of weeks just in case.

My sweetcorn is looking fab and I think my pumpkins may have arrived by the weekend, but my sunflowers look very sickly - will give them another week or so, but think I may need to sow some more. Peas are starting to pop through.

Just got back from digging up loads of strawberry plants from a lovely lady that I met through the freecycle network. She has also kindly given me a loganberry or tayberry bush (not sure which until it grows) and some evening primrose seeds - thanks Diane ! Have promised to make her a strawberry tart in the summer.


  1. Woooooo...Beware the fearsome Globe Artichoke...'tis an alien species bent upon allotment domination!...Triffids cower before a mature artichoke.

    OK, Sorry, got a bit carried away.... but the point remains. They are about the hardiest, most defiant plant you can grow. Year after year you can cut them down, and each time they will come back stronger.

    Like you said.."permanent".

  2. hey there Greenmantle, I've heard that they can be quite fearsome, but I absolutely adore eating them and they look divine ... planted 6, but having second thoughts now !