Sunday, 9 April 2006

Seduced too soon ...

Hmm, regretting my enthusiastic sowing fest yesterday. Today had plans to spend all day at the allotment, but it poured down this morning and then decided to hail followed by SNOW this afternoon.

May rethink planting my seed potatoes next weekend ... and therein lies another problem. I didn't 'label' the trays as I knew which were which ... until my OH decided that it really was time that my oven moved from the living room where it made fantastic potato staging into the kitchen where it could be used (what a ridiculous idea I told him, but he didn't listen). It wasn't until a couple of days later when I looked at the trays that are now neatly stacked on the living room window that I realised I don't know which are my earlies and which are my mains ... hope they know when they are supposed to be ready.

Spent most of the day clearing the clutter from OH's house. I'm moving in soon, so he's having to spring clean. Only problem is that he is the King of Clutter, so far we've thrown out one wardrobe, 2 black bags of junk, 2 black bags of paper to be recycled (he and his mother have a fetish for using old envelopes as notepaper), freecycled some curtains, plate warmer, cycle pumps and some IKEA legs - I'm banned from his mum's garage as I'm so ruthless at getting rid of 'stuff'.

I'm easing his suffering by making Delia's old fashioned rice-pudding ... his favourite (I'm a full believer in bribery !)


  1. Spouse makes the Delia rice pud - I love it!

  2. Snow has just made it's way from Sheffield to Kent. I just walked home from the local, after the sunday night pub quiz, amidst the biggest snowflakes I have ever 50p peices. Very wet and slushy though so will be gone by morning I expect.