Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Bedtime !

phew, have I been busy. Spent 4 long days at the lottie and now have 5 new beds - ta-daa:

Planted my onions in beds 2 & 3 - planted them in red & white stripes as I was feeling artistic and just as I finished the radio announced that Sheffield United had been promoted (they play in red & white stripes) I'm thinking of marketing my services to other football clubs.

Fourth bed will have my peas. I've put my broad beans at the end of bed 3 & 4 and made them a frame each - they are not quite finished yet, but my beans seem happy:

The first bed, which is raised brick, is really a manure store with a bit of top soil on top - I think thats where my courgettes are going to live for the summer.

I spent the first day planting my potatoes (Pentland Javelin & Desiree). Thought it would only take an hour or so. Soon realised that I'd underestimated the space I needed, overestimated the amount of manure that I'd need and vastly underestimated how long it would take. Ended up having to barrow 5 loads of manure to the bottom of the lottie and recover another substantial patch of ground from the jungle, but finally they are in.

Here is my first crop - need to find a recipe that doesn't involve the oven (although its moved to the kitchen, its not connected yet, due to a mis-calculation)

All of my sweetpeas and my sweetcorn have appeared. 3 of my Okra are poking through and I think one of my pumpkins may be making an appearance, which reminds me - when I planted my Big Max I was horrified to discover that there were only 4 seeds in the packet as they cost £3.69 ! The blighters better appear ... No sign yet of the lavender or strawberries. Final job of the day was to sow some marigolds.