Saturday, 8 April 2006

Spent today at the allotment, its been very neglected lately, so it was with suprise that I opened the potting shed to discover that my seedlings have emerged. Broadbeans, Globe Artichokes and sweet peas all looking surprisingly healthy. No sign yet of the lavender.

Here is my garlic, its looking really good.

Decided that my shallots needed some attention, somehow (I don't know how), but somehow they were planted UNDER the soil, not on top. At first I couldn't find them, but eventually they turned up - they've really swollen and have fantastic roots, but only one has tried to put shoots out. I've replanted them and hope that they will be OK.

Did some weeding on the main beds (AGAIN !!!) - the soil felt really warm and after a very heavy rain shower it was steaming, so think I will plant my potatoes next weekend.

I also planted some more seeds: Sweetcorn (Earliking), Butternut Squash, Pumpkin: Big Max and Carbocha, Peas - Sugar Snap and Oregon Sugar Pod, Sweet Peppers, Sunflowers, Okra, Aubergine - Long Violet, Strawberries, Chrysanthemums and some ornamental grasses.

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  1. Last year I managed to plant half of my shallots upside down - felt such a fool when I realised!