Tuesday, 29 August 2006

... its gone mouldy and dropped off !

oh no, the change in the weather has taken its toll on my ONE and ONLY aubergine. The plant still looks healthy, but the flippin fruit has gone mouldy and dropped off. Think that might be it for this season unfortunately. The potting shed door is just ajar now, day and night, but suspect it'll be closed all the time soon.

The tomato plants are not looking their best at the moment either - one of the plants has developed grey mould in the main stem. All the plants have plenty of fruit, but some are dropping whilst still green. The outside tomatoes look much healthier, although they are half the size of the ones in the potting shed, but the fruit is much bigger, however every single one is still green ...

I shall christen my cooker tonight (FINALLY its connected - yipee) with one of my mammoth courgettes ... actually the chosen one is so big I'm not certain it'll fit in ... perhaps a recipe involving diced courgettes is called for !

Noticed that the beetroot that I sowed recently has popped through - I think I'll probably fleece it to give it a bit of protection from the rain, wind and also the colder weather.

Still haven't managed to get hold of any green manure seeds