Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Here's my herb path. I grew some sweetpeas up the arch in the hope of gaining some shade, but unfortunately they went to seed whilst I was travelling .. must try harder next year. My lovely blue bench came from the freecycle network, but I don't think it will make it through our wet winter as its in pretty poor condition - I can sit on it, but only carefully !

My sweet potatoes look to be doing quite well - they've certainly had lots of sunshine recently, so I have high expectations - my sweet potato and aubergine curry recipe is ready and waiting ..

My Okra plant suffered a little whilst I was away and looks to have dropped most of its leaves and 2 of its 3 'pods'.

But on the positive side, its last remaining pod is about to flower which is quite exciting .. will definitely try harder next year.

Hopefully by next year the greenhouse will be in place - we've been collecting slabs to use as a base for the frame to rest on, but I still need to clear the ground where it will be sited and then we still have the ardious task of dismantling it, transporting it and reassembling it. I think I'll fill it with Okra, cucumbers and aubergines.

I'm thinking of putting a green manure into the onion beds, which are both just about empty now - will probably grow mustard.

Popped up to the the lottie last night to give it a quick water and found MORE courgettes waiting for me - cut over 10 (sigh, what am I going to do with them) - discussed special courgette growing aids with my neighbour such as encasing with black plastic, treating to a lovely drink of weedkiller ... am very tempted to try.

Whilst I was there it rained (hurray) and the blackberries in the lane looked so lovely, glistening and sparkling, that I collected loads and then went home to make apple and blackberry crumble - the house smelt delicious.