Thursday, 27 July 2006

I'm over run with courgettes - 8 plants is 7 too many. Daren't water them or give them any encouragement as they'll be off.

The Globe Artichokes looked as if they might not do much this year, but have had a sudden growth spurt and are looking beautiful - they are such a lovely colour. Adore artichokes, so just need to look up how to cook them now ... mmmmmmm

I've got a couple of turks turban on the plot, they look amazing. They were given to me by a lottie neighbour who had way too many for her plot - lucky for me. Hope they taste as good as they look.

Here's one of my baby butternut squashes ... can't wait for them to ripen, absolutely adore them roasted ... maybe with some cream, garlic and sage ... mmmmyum ... I've got 5 plants growing on the lottie, but think next year I'll put in more, even though they take sooooooo much space.

on closer inspection I've got baby sweetcorn cobs !

My sunflowers are beautiful, but they ain't gonna win any competitions. Planted them far too late, so they are only 5-6ft high. Also, they are pointing DOWN the plot, so you see the back of their heads when you enter the plot. I'd thought they would follow the sun around and point UP the plot ... need to plan better next year ! The recent storms haven't helped them either, some have a distinct lean - shall give them some TLC at the weekend