Sunday, 23 July 2006

Finally home

Here are a couple of pictures from my trip to Charleston. We don't get to see much as we are working during the day, but the hotel has a marina and is very popular with pelicans - they look so prehistoric when they are flying.

Our flight home was cancelled due to bad weather so we were transferred to the flight the following day - which was also cancelled ! Eventually (and with minutes to spare) we were transferred to another airline and finally arrived home this morning - the flight was freezing and think I'm getting a cold now. A visit to the lottie was my first priority.

Can't believe how much its grown. Apparently the weather in the UK has been FABULOUS for the last two weeks.

Solved a puzzle anyway - turns out the butternut squash that I planted next to my carrots isn't a butternut squash at all, but my missing Big Max ! I've given it a stern talking to and I think we have an understanding that it must not run amok amongst the carrots.

My sweetcorn is now 5-6ft high and the silks are trailing nicely. The second batch were only a few inches high when I left and the pumpkins looked as if they might smother them, but amazingly they are 1-2 ft high now. Most of the stuff I'm growing is all new to me, so its quite exciting seeing the changes. When I left the sweetcorn was just lots of green leaves - wonder when the cobs will appear.

These are the Carabocha pumpkins, which look quite interesting - I may try one next week

Here are my huge courgettes, now the size of marrows - they are only two weeks old ! I'm now searching for courgette recipes. The green ones are even bigger (I've put a normal sized one in for comparison).

The potting shed is now bursting at the seams, so I've decided to relocate some of the aubergines outside, to the newly vacated bean / pea bed. Whilst rummaging around removing tomato leaves, I came across a cucumber ! My first ever. Unfortunately my Okra looks to have suffered while I've been away - and had dropped its leaves. The flower pods thingys still haven't opened.

I've now removed the fleece from my carrots, beetroot and parsnips as they were bursting out. May try and sow some more parsnips at the weekend (if I can find some spare ground). The sweet potatoes have taken off and do behave alarmingly like bind weed. My second earlies look as if they are ready for harvesting as the foliage has died back so I'll start digging them up. The mains (Desiree) have developed apple potatoes which apparently I need to remove.

I spent about three hour tidying and weeding, but finally succumbed to tiredness. Left feeling a little overwhelmed (not least at the thought of all that courgette soup I need to make)