Sunday, 2 July 2006

The plot in June

This is my parador courgette, which is yellow. I've also got some black beauties (green). They have been great to grow - all germinated easily, and now vigourously growing, we've had a couple of babies in a stir fry. The yellow ones are great to look at:

My onions have had a real growing spurt over the last 2 weeks and are filling out nicely.

The slugs on my plot are having a field day with my salad leaves and seem to think that I am sowing them just for their enjoyment. So in an attempt to actually enjoy some myself, I've sown some into a pot - they are looking better already ... maybe I've fooled them, or more likely, they are off munching something else ...

I was worried about my shallots earlier in the year and had to dig them up, but they seem to have recovered. Intend to grow a lot more of them next year:

This is my most exotic experiment this year - Okra ... having heard horror stories about the height (5') and thorny spines (yikes!) I'm quite relieved that at only a few inches high it looks as if it is about to flower. Unfortunately (or fortunately if they do achieve their thorny height) only one survived, after I cooked the other 5 in the propergator. It is in the potting shed, which currently has the door propped open day and night.

Here is my one and only sweet pepper plant (yup killed them too). Next year I intend to grow a lot more, especially as so far they seem so easy to grow. Two weeks ago this pepper was a flower. The plant is bursting with flowes, so I'm hoping for a good crop: