Sunday, 9 July 2006

Greetings from Stockholm

No veggie pix this week as we are in Sweden. This is me in Stockholm, resting my weary feet after a very long day exploring. We were only in Stockholm for a couple of nights, before travelling north to Herrang, a month long dance camp.

My allotment is being looked after by my friend, Claire. Hope its OK while I'm away. The house that we are staying at has a small vegetable garden, so I have been watering that in the owners absence. They have tomatoes (very small still), potatoes, dill and tonnes of beetroot. Its not quite the same !

So far I have two mosquito bites - the one on my hand has swollen so much that I can only see the bone from my 1st finger. Am being very careful and hoping that I don't get any more, although mosquitoes in Sweden are particularly fierce.

Will try and post some pix from dancing (lindy hop by the way)