Sunday, 15 October 2006

Harvest Festival

Worried about the recent cold weather, I decided that this weekend I should take all of my treasures home for storage. Its brilliant seeing it all together

I've donated two of the pumpkins to the local schools that my firm supports - they are not sure what they are going to do with them yet. I've kept one for us - if we started eating it this weekend, we might finish it by January !!

I don't think I'll grow them again next year, as they take up so much space (although I did get some packet of seeds during the Wyevale sale ...) and the final one is at the lottie - it's skin has a little damage, so I don't think it will last long. Bernard & Roo have their own mini munchkins.

The kitchen is overwhelmed with veggies at the moment - I do wonder when we are going to eat them all.

Dug up the last of the Desiree They've benefitted from the additional couple of weeks in the ground, although they do have a bit of critter damage.

We've still got two blue crates of Pentland Javelin left, but noticed that they have started to sprout ! They are stored at the top of the cellar, but perhaps its not cold enough.

The courgettes are STILL going strong - they have been quite phenomenal this season. We've given up cutting them ... There are just four plants in the raised brick bed.

I'll definitely be growing these again, they look so lovely and didn't take up too much room. Next year I'll set them up a frame.

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