Friday, 13 October 2006

Sweet success !

I planted my T&M sweet potato slips out at the end of May under black weed supressent material. I've never grown them before and was bit unsure what to expect, especially so far North. Once they got going, they produced some good foliage and finally this w/e I didn't dare dally any longer and risk frost, so dug them up. What a suprise, they look fantastic

I've got some sizeable tubers and loads of very small ones (lots looked like they'd like to be in the ground for another month or so).

Unfortunately, the local wildlife also thought they looked fab for lunch and lots of them have small holes in them.

I'll definitely try them again next year, however, I'll try and produce my own slips rather than buying them.

This wee fella was the first out and looks like he is auditioning for a part in Aliens They looked so yummy that we decided to have these two for tea - delicious!