Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Well it survived ...

here are the Yin Yang beans as promised - they are so gorgeous that I almost didn't want to plant them:

2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  001 copy

OH remembered to go to the lottie and water the potting shed plants (phew) and took some more photos - the growth in one week is astounding. Intend to plant out the squashes and pumpkins this weekend. Courgettes may well be following them. Need to get the tomatoes into their final pots ASAP, but unfortunately the greenhouse is nowhere near ready - doesn't look like I'll be able to use it this season.

Sweet potato
2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  006 copy

Jerusalem Artichoke (please grow V-E-R-Y slowly until the peas are finished): 2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  020 copy

Pepper - Tasty Grill Red. My peppers are very slow away this year, have also got Gypsy, Tasty Grill Yellow, Big Banana & Redskin.
2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  013 copy

Here are my Rocket one week ago:
2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  015 copy

and yesterday:
CRW_2017 copy

Peas in flower: 2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  022 copy

Garlic has gone really rusty, must be the wet weather we had at the end of last year - it's been like the Sahara up there recently: 2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  025 copy

Here is my Blueberry bush - Sunshine. Seems very happy since it's been repotted.
2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  038 copy

The flowers are so delicate - might need to think about netting though to protect from the birds:
2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  039 copy

Ken's gooseberry bush which grows on our border - neither he nor I like them. The bush is bursting with fruit:
2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  046 copy

We'll be eating our first beans at the weekend ... yum ! Will definitely plant them in November again - the ones that have survived the mouse look great:
CRW_2034 copy

Tomatoes, squashs and pumkins are desperate to be planted out / put into final pots:
CRW_2042 copy

Unfortunately the bluebell keeps having an accident, once its finished flowering I'm going to move it to a safer place:
2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  060 copy

My foxgloves look like they are going to be as spectacular as last years:
2007-05-05  [Meiche] Allotment S70  068 copy