Tuesday, 29 May 2007

It's time to face the final curtain

There was a momentus event at the lottie today ... finally, after 19 very long and very hard months of digging, I looked up from my weed sifting and realised that I'd reached the bottom of the plot !!! I thought it might kill me, but I'm still here, weary and war torn.

There was nobody around to celebrate with, so it was a very low key celebration - improved by the first strawberry of the season ... a little small, but a mouthful of sunshine nonetheless and more importantly, all mine.

Planted 20 sweet potato slips under black landscape material behind the greenhouse - had to move the tree first. (I'll probably find out I'm nurturing some fruitless, nutless, pointless monstrosity in a few years time - it's not flowered yet, so I can still only presume that it is an apple tree. I use the term nurturing loosely of course as this is actually the third time its been moved this year). It is so cold up at the lottie that I have covered the slips with fleece to give them a bit of extra warmth. Some of the newest slips may not survive - I've got another 6 in the potting shed just in case.

Next job was to plant the yin yang beans, but I've only got 15 canes, so will need yet another trip to B&Q (I should buy shares in B&Q and Wilkies). I'll plant a butternut through them and put another one alongside the sweet potatoes - thats 5 taken care of so far.

Now that the left side is completely dug, I realise that I should have room for almost everything now - I've still got courgettes, a pumpkin and a couple more squashes and some leeks to squeeze in. I do have half a bed further up the plot, just in front of the potting shed and the garlic and winter onions will be lifted soon, so may transplant some to those beds. I think the leeks will go in after the potatoes or perhaps the broadbeans. In fact at this rate I'll have spare beds ... wonder if Jenny still has those spare outdoor tomatoes ...