Friday, 1 June 2007

Its glazed

We started to glaze the roof of the greenhouse yesterday, in the most miserably cold drizzle. The task was made even harder as the frame seems a little squiffy on the left side (probably damaged from when it blew over during the high winds in winter). With the light failing and our fingers freezing, we called it a night with just one half complete.

This morning the sun was shining and the drizzle was long forgotten. Don't know whether we were just more experienced or whether the right side was easier, but it only took about 30 minutes to glaze the remainder of the roof and by mid-afternoon I'd managed to complete the whole greenhouse.

Greenhouse front copy

Greenhouse back copy

Just two pieces of glass missing (one of which we broke during transportation to the lottie), but I managed to find two slightly smaller pieces, which will do the job temporarily until I can source some more glass. Three pieces have corners missing, so will try to replace those too. I think the greenhouse must be pretty old, as it has asbestos risers at the bottom - some pieces were missing, so I've replaced them with some external ply - will probably try and get some glass cut to size to replace the ply and remaining asbestos.

The automatic openers were a sod to fit, but the good news is that one of them is definitely working, not sure about the other one - may need to change it. The greenhouse also has a manual 'vent' at the back too.

It's been screwed to the breeze block base and looks brilliant. OH suggested whitewashing the breeze blocks to improve its appearance. So pleased that we raised it up - the head height inside is great.