Friday, 1 June 2007

Why am I growing cabbages ?

I'm currently reading Bob Flowerdew's 'the no work garden' book. It is really making me think about what I'm doing on the plot. I've ticked a few boxes:

- am digging over the whole plot to remove all weeds
- have installed permanent paths
- permanent paths means no dig beds
- am encouraging wildlife to keep down pests

however, there are a few boxes that I've not ticked:

- why make work for yourself
- why grow radish, if you want to eat strawberries ...

So with that in mind, I have decided to dig over the bed inside the new greenhouse and plant direct into the soil. My original plan was to line the base with plastic, fill with gravel and then fill tubs with compost and grow plants in ring cultures. Hopefully I won't need to water as much during the summer.

newly planted greenhouse copy

Now the radishes ... it's a Chinese saying apparently, meaning why grow something just because you can, if you would prefer to eat something else. Which made me think of my cabbages that OH won't eat. They look great, are growing really strongly and survived the mouse ... but I'm having to give away 4 butternut squash as I haven't got room for them. Hmmm, food for thought for next season.