Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I'm so proud ...

my taddies are finally on the turn and they are soooo cute:

baby froggie copy

Have to be very careful now though when walking near the pond as they are popping up everywhere. They are at various stages of development, some with tails, some without but they all have the most delicious copper glint to them.

baby froggie 3 copy

babby froggie 2 copy

I do think some of them are a little ambitious though ... this little fella looks like he would be better off in the pond a bit longer.

baby froggie with tail copy

I've still got loads of tadpoles swimming around that don't even look as if they are thinking about developing legs yet.

Here's one of the adults that was very happy under the alpine strawberries until I accidentally disturbed him

froggie copy

Froggie 2 copy

The look so smooth from the front, but when you see them from the back they look quite warty and toady, but he's definitely a froggie:

Froggie 3 copy