Friday, 1 June 2007

I got a camera for my birthday, so I've been testing it out:

yellow 14 Spot ladybird
yellow ladybird copy

yellow bug - I have no idea what he is or what he does - he is on the flag iris':
yellow bug copy

yellow bug crop copy

Think this is a 'backswimmer' - he is living in my waterbutt. Apparently they can give you a nasty bite:
Backswimmer RBJ Jez Tweak Dark Lithed copy

Just can't resist checking on the carrot's, am really pleased with how they are getting on. They need thinning, so I'm quite happy to pull one every now and then and enjoy a burst of carrotty flavour, but OH always looks appalled and wants me to replant them !
carrot progress copy

bee in white foxglove copy

I keep checking the tadpoles for changes, but most of them are exactly the same:
Taddy copy

however, a couple have developed tiny legs (unless its the same one zipping around the pond). They are much more skittish than they used to be and dart away from the surface now:
IMG_0166 crop copy

Japanese onions finally look as if they are putting on some growth, not sure if I'll bother with them next year, they are all pretty small:
Japanese onion copy

My Rocket potatoes are in full flower - I've not had a furtle yet, but the temptation is very hard to resist:
Rocket copy

and Charlottes also flowering:
Charlotte potato in flower copy

Took my first harvest home this week - have yet to eat the artichoke, OH wants to photograph it. I adore eating the tapas type marinated artichokes, but if I'm honest I'm a little afraid of preparing it !
lottie tea copy