Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Artichoke Heaven

well we finally took the plunge and after much research, prepared, cooked and ate our first lottie artichokes. Mmmmm, they were gorgeous - which is lucky as we have 20+ heads.

All of the plants are producing plump, green round heads, except for one plant, which is producing red tinged, more pointy artichokes. They were all sown from the same packet of seed, so don't think I have a different variety - may its a natural variation.

OH took some photos for me:

2007-06-23  Artichokes  005 copy

2007-06-23  Artichokes  006 Sharped Split Toned copy

2007-06-23  Artichokes  006 copy

2007-06-23  Artichokes  004 copy

The plants are just over a year old and are nearly as tall as me. I love the flowers, so will leave some heads on the plant. In the autumn I'm going to split them (they are multiplying like mad) and move some to the pond area, where they will be left to flower all the time.