Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Bring it on !

Couldn't resist any longer ... here are my first Rocket. I expected to find very, very small potatoes, so was pleasantly surprised (and a little shocked) by their size. Will start to lift them regularly:

1st tatties of 2007 copy

Also cut my first sweetpeas tonight - their scent filled the car with the most divine perfume.

The plants in the greenhouse are looking pretty good and I was relieved to see that the soil still looked pretty damp (last watered on Sunday morning). The tomatoes are all in flower and I'm sure I can see the start of a flower on one of the peppers. I definitely need to put shading up at the weekend though, as it's been incredibly hot this week. Both automatic openers are working (hurray) and I just need to make a decision on whether to leave the door closed, half open or open ... or maybe a bit open ? If only I had a crystal ball and knew exactly what the weather was going to be like.

The courgettes and squashes are looking very put out - couple of yellow leaves have appeared. Am hoping that is just because we had a couple of cooler days last week. Maybe I'll treat them to a dose of 'wet dog' if they don't pick up. Hopefully they will soon pick up - the Sunshine squashes have already got flowers and the start of a first fruit. The Edonis melon has been steadily munched, I think by slugs, it probably won't survive - still the other two are looking really strong and healthy. I have my fingers crossed.

Looky at my carrots - the red dragon's are beautiful (sadly orange inside though). If they manage to avoid the carrot fly, the bath will have been really successful. They certainly look as if they have potential to grow quite big - the roots are lovely and long. Next year I intend to add more compost so that it is level with the top of the bath and then I'll get even longer / bigger carrots ! Wonder if I can get hold of another bath ... I can see its going to become one of my most treasured lottie assets.

Carrots copy