Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Look what I found ...

Whilst watering the peppers tonight, noticed that my Redskin pepper has it's first flower. It's a smaller plant than the others - will know next year to plant the other varieties at the back as they are much taller already - but looks as if it will be first to fruit.

Redskin flower copy

The three Sweet Olive Plum's have got plenty of flowers and quite a few small fruits forming. I need to think about how to support them better, as I've left them to bush out. They are more spindley than the other varieties, which I guess is either because the other varieties are being pinched out or the plants are naturally more spindley:
Sweet Olive Plum copy

I wonder when my Cristal is going to ripen. It's the biggest tomato I've got so far, but not a hint of red on any of them yet:
Cristal copy

Jobs for the weekend:

- Fashion supports for the Jerusalem Artichokes.
- Get better canes to support the sunflowers.
- Think about supporting the second broadies.
- Think about cutting down the first broadies which are now dying back.
- Hunt down the pest in the brick greenhouse that is eating mum's pepper.
- Plant out the Baby Bear - somewhere, anywhere, just plant it out. Poor thing.
- Support the poppy and tie in the sunflower by the herb garden.
- Sow green manures ... IF my order ever arrives in the post (unlikely if the strike goes ahead).
- Think about supports for the peppers (and aubergines).
- Sow some new parsley.
- Pick 9 million slugs out of the carrot bath ... how do they get in there.