Saturday, 2 June 2007

Feeling quite pleased with myself - have finished digging the left side of the lottie, everything is planted bar one Baby Bear Squash, the greenhouse is up, glazed and now planted, the brick greenhouse has the cucumbers set up in ring culture and I've even managed to bed in the pond edging and plant up the flower bed in front of the pond. All I've got left to do is transfer three aubergines to final pots and take down the staging in the potting shed. Which is a good job really, as I have managed to break the middle toe of my right foot - it is very painful !

It happened this morning, I went to close the hall door behind me, but had my hands full, so used my foot instead - only misjudged the distance and cracked my toes hard on the door. Gawd it hurt, waited for the throbbing to subside so that I could get my boot on and then went up to the lottie. Whilst at the lottie I managed to roll one of the pond edging stones (very big & heavy) onto my poorly toe - the pain was really intense and eventually I decided go home.

Got home, took off my boots to find I have a lovely black, purple and red middle toe ... now limping around feeling sorry for myself - OH is away so no tea or sympathy for me. Wonder how I'll get my normal shoes and work shoes on.