Sunday, 8 July 2007

Been visiting this weekend, here are some pictures from my folks allotment and garden. Their allotment has suffered with slugs, snails, mice and now rabbit attacks, so they are having to net everything to try and protect crops.

OH will be very envious when he see's their row of beetroots.
allotment 3 copy

allotment 2 copy

Broadbeans, peas, greenbeans are flowering:
Allotment 1 copy

They've got a beautiful grapevine, winding it's way through the greenhouse. The vine is laden with fruit:
Grapes copy

Huge tomatoes - I've forgotten the varieties, think one was Shirley. Some are orange already:
Tomatoes copy

Radish copy

Huge cucumbers in the greenhouse in their garden, they've already eaten one. I wonder if I would be cropping cucumbers if the mouse hadn't eaten the seedlings:
cucumber copy

Chives in flower:
Chive copy

Surely the most magnificent sheds in the whole of the alloment community ? Aptly named 'Southfork', built from pallets:
southfork copy

and one of the most beautifully crafted sheds I've seen on an allotment, it is so much better in reality than it looks in photograph:
shed copy

Flowers in the garden:
bee on a lupin copy

geranium copy

bee copy